Renee Young

I love to smell good, but I also love hearing that people are in love with my fragrance creations. I aim to please, and I am always willing to go back to the drawing board if needed to make sure you are in love with your fragrance. I have had a smell-good fetish for as long as I can remember. I always get compliments on how I smell. I did about a year of research, and in 2009 I was making fragrances, and people were in love, but I didn’t want to keep doing it by hand, so I backed away and took some other paths, but I always made fragrances for gifts, and I have several that prefer that I make their scents than to buy them from anyone else, including big name brands. I have a nose like a chemist, and I have a gift for creating blends that turn heads and capture attention. I knew last year, in 2021, that I wanted to find a way to share my gift with the world. So this year, I did some more research and decided to officially make it an LLC and make a name for myself. 

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